LP Gas system

LP Gas system

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) described to as simply flammable hydrocarbon gases, including mixtures of propane and butane gases.

LPG is composed mainly of propane and butane, while natural gas is composed of the lighter methane and ethane. LPG vaporized at atmospheric pressure, has a higher calorific value than natural gas (methane) which means that LPG cannot simply be substituted for natural gas. LPG is used as a fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment for residential and commercial kitchens and industrial used.


LPG Storage Tank
Pressure Reduction and Distribution Panel (PRDP) & Manifold System
Supply and Distribution piping’s
Droppers or Risers
Kitchen’s connections
Gas Detection System
Gas Flow Meters

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LPG Storage Tank

  • Are containers that holds bulks liquids specifically (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). That is constructed and manufactured as per ASME, British Standard(BS) and European Standard (EN).

  • Storage Tank to be installed in UAE must get approval from Local Authority.



  • A vaporizer can be heated electrically via the heating elements in the vaporizer water chamber. The heated water in the water chamber in turn provides the heat to the LPG liquid.

  • When vapor LPG from natural vaporization is not enough to meet high LPG consumption demands, a vaporizer can assist to provide the sufficient vaporization rate required. So vaporizers are needed when consumption is greater than natural vaporization.

Main PRDP & Manifold System

  • Is to control the Gas flow as per the requirements.
  • Installation compose of solenoid valve, by-pass valve, regulator, pressure gauge, pressure switch, etc.

Pipes and Fittings

  • Supply line and distribution pipes are installed based on NFPA 58, ASTM and API standard.

Solenoid Valve

  • Is an electromechanically operated valve. The valve is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid: in the case of a two-port valve the flow is switched on or off; in the case of a three-port valve, the outflow is switched between the two outlet ports. Multiple solenoid valves can be placed together on a manifold.

  • Solenoid valves are the most frequently used to control gas. Their tasks are to shut off, release, dose, distribute. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, good medium compatibility of the materials used, low control power and compact design.

Gas Detection System

  • Is to provide a novel means for safely detecting any malfunction of a pressurized gas system in order to prevent accumulation of combustible gases so that damage or explosion due to such an accumulation of gases is prevented.

  • This system can be easily incorporated into an alarm unit, to sound an alarm or give a visual indication of the LPG concentration. The sensor has excellent sensitivity combined with a quick response time. The sensor can also sense iso-butane, propane, LNG.

Gas Flow Meter

Is a specialized flow meter, used to measure the volume of fuel gases such as natural gas and propane. Gas meters are used at residential, commercial, and industrial buildings that consume fuel gas supplied by a gas utility.