Fire Fighting System

Basics of Fire

A fire is a chemical reaction in which a carbon based material (Fuel), mixes with oxygen (usually as a component of air), and is heated to a point where flammable vapors are produced. These vapors can then come in contacts with something that is hot enough to cause vapor ignition, and a resulting fire. In simple terms, something that can burn touches something that is hot, and a fire is produced.

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Wet & Dry Sprinkler and Wet & Dry Riser System
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Central Battery Emergency & Exit Light System
Voice Evacuation System, Co Detection System

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Firefighting system is probably the most important of the building services, as its aim to provide a reasonable level of protection from loss of life and property from fire. And it consist of three basic parts:

  • A large storage of water called fire storage tanks.
  • A specialized pumping systems
  • A large network of piping’s endings with hydrants & sprinklers

Fire Pump set

Fire pump is the main part fire protection systems, which is operated by the specialized motor with controllers. It is deliver the liquid to complete fire protection systems pipe network with the required pressure.

Fire Hydrants System

These system is to protect the building externally by the hydrant valves using the pressurized water from the ring main

Stand pipe System(Wet/Dry)

These system is to be installed every floors at near the staircase area to protect internally by the landing valves. The water will be supplied to the dry system by the Fire Brigade unit.

Hose Reel System

These systems are used to fight the small fires at internally by the trained profession.

Automatic Sprinkler System

Automatic Sprinkler system will be installed in the high rise buildings and parking area etc. Sprinklers are automatically operate and discharge the waters once reach the derived temperature of sprinklers.

Preaction System

Preaction System(Non Interlock/ single interlock/ double interlock)These system will be installed at high sensitive areas such as Museum, Library etc. which is operated by the deluge valve in terms of different activations.

Deluge Spray System

These systems are basically for the Transformers, Diesel Tanks, LPG Tanks etc. These system will be operated by the deluge valve in terms of different activations (Electric, Hydraulic &Pneumatic) and all the nozzles are open type

Foam System

These systems to be installed where ever the water is not applicable to protect equipments. These system will be provided for Generators, oil storage vessels etc. The special type of foam concentrate is available for this system

Gas Based System (FM200, CO2 & N2)

These systems are basically for the control rooms, server room, LV room etc. The special type of gases are stored in the pressurized containers and it has solenoid valve at the top of cylinders, it will be activate by the detection systems.